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Interesting facts about colors

Particular attention to flowers arose in ancient times. In ancient Greece, for example, these gifts of nature were attributed to divine origin. In India, it was believed that flowers were not born in order to delight a person with their beauty and aroma. Unique plants Indians considered the best type of gifts for loved ones. But there are other interesting facts related to colors.

Flowers – amazingly beautiful creatures
Flowers are able to respond to touch – this is a well-known fact about such plants.
Types of flowers and unusual facts
With certain types of flowers, many festivals and holidays are associated. So, in ancient India, a flower festival was held, in ancient Greece, the day of hyacinths and lilies was celebrated, in Germany – violets, in Bulgaria – roses, etc.

The queen of flowers, a rose, has long been considered a symbol of divine mystery. The ancient Persians had a tradition that the queen of flowers initially had snow-white petals. But once a nightingale saw a rose. He pressed the bud to his chest, and blood dripped from the spiked heart of a bird onto the petals. So the petals of the flower turned red. By the way, it is the rose that is today the national flower of the United States by decision of Congress in 1986.

Other historical facts and legends are associated with roses. Interestingly, in ancient India, any person who brought this beautiful flower to the ruler could ask to fulfill his desire. And rose oil in the past was worth its weight in gold.

As for other types of flowers, a lot of interesting facts are associated with the lotus. This flower played a special role in the history of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians dedicated the lotus to the goddess of fertility, Isis. And the abundance of lotus flowers on the banks of the Nile during its spill was considered a good sign, promising a special harvest.

Many unusual facts are known about chrysanthemum. The name of the flower is translated from Japanese as “sun.” In this country, the image of chrysanthemum was allowed only in the clothes of members of the imperial family. In Japan, to this day, pictures with such a flower are considered sacred, because this plant is a symbol of the sanctuary.

Do you know where the name “gladiolus” came from? This name was given to the beautiful gift of nature by the ancient Roman writer Pliny the Elder. He drew attention to the similarity of the plant with the weapons of gladiators. The name “gladiolus” comes from Gladius, which means “sword.”

Rose – flower symbol of the USA
In America, the rose is the main flower of the country, a true national symbol.
What else do you need to know about colors?
The most beautiful creations of bright colors inspired the work of many poets and writers around the world. Even in the Bible there is a mention of a lily flower, which grew from the tears of Eve, expelled from paradise. These romantic flowers today are often chosen to create wedding bouquets along with roses. But cloves grew on Calvary. It is believed that the flower grew on the spot from where the Mother of God looked at the suffering of her Son.

Wreaths of flowers are the oldest type of decoration. They were weaved both in Russia and in Ancient Rome. Floral wreaths were used to decorate homes, for celebrations, as ritual attributes. The ancient Greek philosopher and naturalist Theophrastus devoted a wreath of flowers to a chapter in his scientific treatise. And among the Slavs in Ivan Kupala, compositions created from plants were launched into the water and predicted the future by the way wreaths floated.

Lily grew on Eve’s tears
It is believed that the royal lily flower grew out of tears banished from Eve’s paradise
The work of the great Pushkin inspired the mini-miniaturist A. Konenko so much that he created a miniature collection of the poet’s works on rose petals. The book had dimensions of 30 x 32 mm and was presented to his wife.

Other interesting facts related to colors:

Pushkin, Tyutchev, Fet, Blok and others wrote about flowers. A. Dumas novel “Black Tulip” is a classic of world literature. He was filmed several times, and at the end of the 20th century a cartoon was shot.
The oldest rose in the world grows in Germany. Its location is the Cathedral of Hildesheim. For more than 1000 years, it has been pleasing to the eye of visitors, and its bush is almost rising above the roof of the building.
On the slopes of the mountains of South America, you can find the flower of Puya Raymond, which opens its petals only once every 150 years, and then dies.
The largest flower on the planet is recognized by Rafflesia Arnold, whose weight reaches 11 kg and a diameter of 91 cm. To see it, you need to get to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.
The highest price – $ 5,000 – is paid for a golden orchid, which releases its first arrows with inflorescences only after 15 years of life. Its place of growth is Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia.
In the appearance of such a headdress as a hat, flowers, or rather roses, are “to blame”. In medieval France, women covered their heads with wreaths woven from these flowers. They were called spanel, and they also became the ancestors of the modern hat.
One of the versions of the origin of the name of the flower is not forget-me-not: when God gave out names to all plants, he heard from one of them: “Do not forget me!”

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