Secrets of a florist, or where do the bouquets come from?
Flowers ... These beautiful representatives of the flora have been praised by man for centuries, used to express their feelings, decorate homes and their own inspiration. Today, experienced florists collect…

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Symbolism of flowers in different cultures
At all times, people were surrounded by flowers. They decorated clothes and homes, added to food, presented as a sign of love or support. Flowers are able to convey our…

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Interesting facts about colors
Particular attention to flowers arose in ancient times. In ancient Greece, for example, these gifts of nature were attributed to divine origin. In India, it was believed that flowers were…

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Packaging for a bouquet is like a gem cut. Making floral arrangements is a separate art form that florists learn. To mention all the methods for decorating bouquets that exist today, you will need to write a book or compile a thick catalog. Here, in the format of the article, we can consider only the most popular of them.

Packaging a bouquet can add splendor to it, drag it out or create a shape, such as a triangle or hemisphere. A huge amount of materials is used for this. We’ll talk about some now.

Bouquet to buy with delivery Polyethylene film – the most common material for the design of bouquets. As practice shows, every second buyer asks to pack flowers in the film. Although it is not fashionable and not environmentally friendly. The flowers in the film look cheap and even poor. However, an experienced florist can always beat the situation. After all, his skill lies precisely in the fact that even from such everyday material to create unique beauty. Using a film, for example, it is possible to make multi-layer multilevel packaging, which will add splendor to the composition.

The net is the second most popular material for packing flowers. The market offers a very large selection of this material. You need to feel its texture in order to choose the right colors. You can list the following types of nets for packing flowers: jute, crochet, netting, sisal, snow. Openwork crochet gives a bouquet of vintage. Looks good with spray roses or freesias.

Buy a bouquet with delivery Paper is the most ancient type of packaging flowers. We took her to third place among the popular flower packaging. There are also many types of wrapping paper. We list some of them: in silence, corrugated, newspaper, craft, floral parchment, Korean paper. Florists often use in the design of a bouquet not one look, but several. Paper makes the bouquet more stylish. Flowers in paper is a fashion trend in floristry in 2019. Unpretentious daisies or chrysanthemums on paper can look stylish, elegant and exciting.

A box is also a common type of flower packaging. We gave her fourth place. Boxes for packing flowers are very similar to hatboxes. Since the hats came out of the everyday life of women, boxes, too, temporarily went into oblivion. However, at the beginning of the XXI century, florists revived this romantic female accessory. Flower boxes come in many shapes. Most often in stores there are tubes and caskets. In addition to them, there are hexagonal, trapezoidal, oval, round, rectangular.

Buy flowers in a box A plastic wrap or floristic sponge filled with water and nutrients is placed at the bottom of the box. Flowers from the box do not need to be rearranged in a vase. It is very practical. Such a bouquet can be taken at an outdoor event and be sure that it will not fade during the holiday. Not all flowers can be packaged in a box. Those that can be put in the box include roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, peonies, callas, irises, daffodils, daisies, tulips, chrysanthemums, hyacinth.

We give the fifth place to the basket. This is a very practical and beautiful way to pack, but not cheap. Therefore, not as popular as the previous species. The main advantage is transportability. Bouquets in baskets can travel far and long. Baskets are usually stable and voluminous enough to fit a lot of liquid for the flowers at the bottom.

Baskets hold a large number of flowers. Such bouquets are presented for special holidays, for example, for an anniversary, wedding or engagement. Baskets are diverse in appearance and workmanship. In floristry, baskets woven from vines, straws, rattan, synthetic materials are used. A floral sponge is laid at the bottom, which provides plants with moisture.

Florists study for a long time to be able to choose the right packaging for flowers. But for this, it’s not enough to just learn the rules. It is necessary to feel the texture of the material, have a natural taste and love your job. In floristry, as in many other creative professions, the main guarantee of success is talent and the desire to achieve excellence. Anyone who loves flowers can try himself in this matter.

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