An original wedding arrangement, created by individual order by experienced florists, will draw the attention of the guests of the event. For the bride, the bouquet is one of the…

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The birthplace of Anthurium is the tropics of South America. Among a huge number of representatives of the genus there are epiphytes, vines and herbaceous plants. Anthurium inflorescence is an…

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Fleeting sakura blossom
Sakura, or ornamental cherry, is loved and revered throughout Japan, and thousands of tourists annually plan their vacation so that they are sure to get there during its flowering. Sakura…

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Now there are more than 30 thousand varieties of roses. Several of them deserve attention because of their uniqueness – an unusual color or size. It is believed that roses can be of all colors and shades, except black and blue. This is due to the fact that they do not have the corresponding pigments. Some breeders see this statement as a challenge and try to bring out blue and black roses. And the first steps have already been taken in this direction.

Black roses Today in the shops you can find roses of any color, including black and blue. But most often these beauties are grown in greenhouses and stained artificially. However, in the vicinity of the Turkish village of Halfeti, natural black roses grow. These are one of the rarest and most expensive flowers in the world. Nowhere else on the globe do such roses grow and cannot grow. Only here, thanks to the unique soil composition, burgundy roses darken and turn black during their flowering period. So far, no chemist has been able to repeat the chemical composition of this soil.

There are several varieties of roses, the color of which is as close as possible to black. These are Perle Noire, Black Baccara, Schwarze Madonna, Barcarole, Malicorne, Chateau d’Amboise and Le Rouge et Le Noir.

Blue roses As mentioned above, in roses there is no gene that is responsible for the production of blue pigment. However, it would be surprising if in our age of technological progress, someone would not try to modify the rose. The Japanese took up this. More precisely, one Japanese company, which, by the way, is not engaged in selection at all, but in the production of soft drinks. In 1990, they began to collaborate with the Australian firm Kalgen Pacific, which since 1986 had been trying to bring out a blue rose. Together, they isolated a gene that is responsible for the blue color of the pansies and introduced it into the structure of the rose. It turned out “Santori Applaus.”

It is worth noting that the blue roses that are currently on sale are artificial roses. Santori Applaus is literally priceless, as there have been no attempts to sell and value it yet. By the way, in many countries of the world there is a ban on the sale of plants obtained by genetic engineering.

There are three varieties of blue roses. They are so called, but in reality their color is closer to lilac. These are Rhapsody in Blue, Charles de Gaulle and Lavender Dream.

To buy rainbow roses
Many girls dream of receiving rainbow roses as a gift. They are quite rare. To obtain rainbow roses, white varieties of roses are taken and then painted. To get a flower with rainbow petals, its stem is cut into several longitudinal parts, each of which is placed in a container of water of different colors. Production of such roses for sale is a very laborious process. Therefore, rainbow beauties are not in every florist’s shop.

Also on sale, you can rarely find tiger or striped roses. This is due to the fact that they were brought out relatively recently – in the 90s of the last century. Tiger Roses The most popular and unique of its kind, Purple Tiger. The color of these roses is an incredible mixture of purple-purple and white, with spots and smudges with the addition of pink and lilac. But magenta is always the dominant color. This variety has another big plus – its stems have virtually no thorns.

Abracadabra is a variety of roses with five-colored buds. Under favorable conditions, their diameter can reach 14-15 cm. It is considered unique due to its original color scheme, including several colors at once: white, yellow, red, brown, burgundy (less often).

The smallest rose comes from India. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Her bud is easily placed on the nail of an adult. In nature, there are no spray roses with buds of this size. She was bred artificially by an ordinary amateur gardener S. Hetavat. For 2 months after the appearance of the first sprout, he sent portions of electromagnetic rays to it. From this, her growth slowed down greatly.

Luminous roses were first put up for sale in Holland. A special safe biogel with phosphorus was applied to white buds. In the daytime, it is charged, and at night emits light.

Of the 30 thousand bred varieties of roses, each has some unique feature. Despite this diversity, scientists are still trying to create new varieties. This is due to the fact that roses are very popular. After all, this is still the queen of flowers. But justice is worth noting that breakthroughs in this area were managed not only by genetic scientists, but also by ordinary amateur gardeners. So, pion-shaped beauties were bred by an ordinary English farmer, as well as the smallest rose in the world, and many others.

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