There is a well-established opinion that only women are congratulated with flowers. But, in fact, men are happy to accept their gift from relatives, friends and respectful people. It is…

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How to decorate a celebration

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations that are celebrated with a large number of guests are decorated with flowers according to similar principles. The only difference is that for a wedding the decoration will be more magnificent than for other holidays. Plus, wedding floristry should be combined with the bride’s bouquet and the color scheme of young clothes, or be designed in classic wedding tones: white and light pastel. And in the banquet hall, and in the house, and in nature, any celebration requires the design of space with furniture and decor elements. It is these tables, chairs, arches and columns that are decorated with flowers.

Newlyweds table. A long arrangement of flowers is placed in the center at the leading edge. Most often, this is enough, because it is large and other flowers will only bring chaos. Instead of composition, you can put flowers in vases: on the edges – high, resembling candelabra, and closer to the center – low.

Flower arrangement on the table of the newlyweds

Birthday banquet table. If there are not many guests, then there will be one table. Flowers can be placed on the center line of the table or on each device. If the anniversary will be with many guests, then the hall will be decorated according to the wedding principle, but with fewer colors: just put a bouquet on the guest tables and decorate the anniversary table with a 1.5-meter horizontal floral arrangement.

Birthday table decoration

Tables of guests. If you plan to accommodate guests at small tables for 4-8 people, then it is enough to install a vase with a bouquet on each table. You can decorate with flowers and tablecloths.

Flowers on the guest table

Cutlery and champagne. Flowers can be attached to ribbons and napkins with which cutlery is wrapped. They can also decorate the legs of glasses. Champagne is decorated with flowers mainly for a wedding.

Decorating with cutlery flowers

Chairs. The backs of chairs are decorated with small bouquets with ribbons or with one flower fixed in the folds of the fabric that decorates the chair. Flowers are placed either in the center of the back, or along the edges. The base of the flowers is placed in a small floristic sponge and masked.

Banquet chairs decoration

Arch. In our country, unlike the Western tradition, the very moment of marriage usually occurs in the registry office, and not under the arch in the presence of a clergyman. Nevertheless, the beautifully decorated arch gives solemnity to the event, so it can be placed in the banquet hall behind the newlyweds table or in a separate place as a background for photographs. The arch can be put on the anniversary, attaching to it a decoratively made figure showing the age of the hero of the day.

Wedding arch of flowers

Vases and columns. He sets high flowerpots at the entrance, around the perimeter of the hall, at the table of the heroes of the occasion or near the stage. Columns with flowers should constitute an ensemble with an arch, if any.

Tall vases with flowers

Dressers and fireplaces. If there are surfaces in the hall that are not used as serving surfaces, they can also be decorated with small horizontal floral arrangements.

Decoration of surfaces with floral arrangements
Photography: Decoration of surfaces with floral arrangements

Entrance. Doorways are decorated in two ways: they hang garlands of flowers on three sides of the perimeter of the opening itself (except the floor) or put two tall vases or stands near the entrance (in front of it or immediately after it). You can replace the cabinets with more complex curly installations made of wire frame or vine, covered with flowers.

Entry design

Window. You can hang small compositions repeating the figures at the entrance. Or decorate with garlands, placing them in the form of arches. You can hang small bouquets on window handles with long ribbons coming down the window. Hang several individual flowers with stems up or make curtains from buds strung on a fishing line. In the latter case, it is advisable to ensure that the flowers do not wilt, otherwise the sight will be sad even before the banquet begins.

Window decoration

Birthday of the child. The space is decorated in bright colors, which are best placed in inaccessible areas: curtains, chandeliers, walls. Children are very fond of wreaths, so you can make them in the decor, but so that it does not lose the festive atmosphere if the wreaths are removed (because children will certainly want to put them on their heads). Make sure that the flowers do not cause allergies and do not cause discomfort to the children’s body if they are eaten.

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