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Greens Watch for Productivity

The working space of a busy person should be no less cozy than home walls, and, of course, conducive to everyday duties. Flowers and plants have been an invariable way to achieve these goals for a long time: if earlier it was impossible to imagine factory bookkeeping without a pot of violets on the window, today for many organizations the floristic delicacies of the office serve as an indicator of the status of the company.

Office Flora Trends
Vertical gardening is gaining increasing popularity in office walls – growing plants on sheer structures. The undeniable advantage of this method of floral decoration is, oddly enough, the simplicity of its organization – you can mount a system for planting in a couple of days.

Another trend of office floral decoration is the use of plants as partitions – both between work areas and between the work area and the aisle. As a rule, representatives of medium-sized flora, planted close to each other, serve as a “live” fence. Such partitions not only contribute to the necessary isolation of employees, but also absorb noise in the room.

Not a new idea, but not losing its popularity – a winter garden in the workroom. Typically, the habitat of an office corner of nature becomes a recreation area. Often it is used as a meeting room.

Living moss helps employees of modern companies to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the office in a literal and figurative sense – it creates a cozy atmosphere and provides the necessary level of humidity in the room. Forest attribute can be either one of the ways of vertical gardening, or material for creating a company logo and other decorative elements. The advantages of this solution are a wide selection of color options and the absence of the need for special care.

What room, such and flowers
Enriching office decoration with flora elements, it is important to consider the size and type of premises. In a small office, it will be appropriate to look at one large indoor plant, dividing the workspace into zones.

Miniature plants such as violets or cacti will also decorate the small room. The original solution will be Japanese kindergartens, consisting of dwarf trees and plants. The undeniable advantage of small plant worlds is that there is always a place for them.

A winning option for narrow and long rooms is plants with small leaves and stalks in the form of arcs. But for large halls palm trees, as well as flowers in a cache-pot and bright, unusual pots, are suitable.

Flowers for the director and for employees
When designing an office with flowers, it is important to consider the purpose of that part of the room where the green guest is going to settle down. In the reception room, where there is not much furniture, a plant with large leaves will look best.

A good way to ennoble the manager’s office is to place one large flower in it, surrounded by several smaller flowers. It is better to decorate the workplaces of employees with unpretentious, drought-resistant plants. The ideal option is succulents. They will not distract from the workflow and protect against computer radiation.

Often there is a temptation to acquire something luxurious and tender, for example, to buy the Phalaenopsis orchid. It should be borne in mind that these flowers are whimsical and require constant care.

Choosing a source of joy for the eyes, do not forget about the conditions in which the plant will fall. It is necessary to take into account the microclimate of the working room, the presence of drafts in it and the level of its illumination. How the new office dweller will get along with these indicators, the seller of the flower shop will tell.

To remove dust from the air, you can buy an expensive air conditioner, to moisten it, you need to turn on a steam generator, pleasant smells will spread throughout the apartment if you spray a freshener … And you can do without these expensive and not always harmless devices and buy flowers. Many houseplants, familiar from childhood and seemingly well-known from childhood, it turns out, can not only decorate the interior, but also clean the air well.

1. Azalea, or Rhododendron
Household chemicals not only inhibit microbes: alas, its vapor has a bad effect on humans. To prevent the cabinet with cleaning products in the bathroom from becoming your enemy, put a pot of azalea on the shelf: it will absorb ammonia and formaldehyde (do not forget about good lighting). You can place this flower in the kitchen, because all kinds of detergent compositions and solutions have found a place there. In addition, azalea scares off bugs and ants, and, therefore, is able to protect products from them.

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Greens Watch for Productivity
The working space of a busy person should be no less cozy than home walls, and, of course, conducive to everyday duties. Flowers and plants have been an invariable way…