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Cyclamen is a houseplant belonging to the family of primrose. Homeland - The Mediterranean coast of southern Europe. Cyclamen grows from fibrous round or flattened tubers. From the upper tuber…

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Garden Build: Eternal, New, and Unexpected

From April 5 to 8, Crocus Expo IEC hosted the 3rd international exhibition Garden Build – a major event in the field of landscaping and landscape design. The exhibits, which are annually represented by landscape architects and garden builders from around the world, inspire not only professionals, but also owners of personal plots, as well as just lovers of the beautiful. Let’s remember the most memorable expositions of the last two years.

Functionality and Minimalism
Perhaps the first thing that visitors of two previous exhibitions paid attention to was a clear tendency towards practicality and minimalism. Apparently, therefore, one of the relevant materials of past expositions was architectural concrete, which has long been loved by garden aesthetics lovers. Indeed, according to designers, this substance has always remained the best basis for creating garden sculptures.

Traditional fountains also went by the wayside. Changed them to the Japanese version of the classics – Tsukubai. The miniature relatives of the erupting water streams, made from natural stones and bamboo sticks, do not take up much space.

In place of the lampposts (bollards), the owners of the cottages loved by the people came spherical Moonlight lamps, as well as lamps built into the road surface. Innovations, as the latest trends require, are convenient and functional: round lamps can be placed anywhere – from a flower bed to a pool, and luminaires built into the road can withstand even a car on their glass.

The relevance of traditions was also reminded by the presence at the exhibitions of elements of classical gardens. The preferences of gardeners and decorators are reflected in the Russian, English and Japanese styles.

English garden does not go out of style

High tech
The trends reflected in past expositions have also been distinguished by high-tech. One of the presented floral novelties is stabilized flowers that have already gained popularity. The technologies behind this innovation can extend the life of flowers: new representatives of the green squad are able to please the eyes from 3 to 8 years.

Stable flowers – long-livers of home flora

Another high-tech novelty of the expositions is phytowalls with automatic irrigation, which are vertical structures for planting plants. In addition to the fact that such a green zone is serviced automatically, the “living wall” is also compact: it is able to accommodate a whole botanical garden.

“Living wall” can accommodate many plants

The automatic watering system also serves another, no less original exhibit of the latest exhibitions – phyto-picture. The customer and the manufacturer of a masterpiece of fresh flowers is provided with unlimited scope for imagination.

“Living picture” – an original element of home decor

Summer residents were pleased with such a presented innovation as landscaping panels. With their help, you can decorate the gazebo: the panels have excellent sound insulation, you can make hedges or vertically green the outer walls of the house.

With the help of special panels you can comfortably enclose a summerhouse

The constant companion of garden and floristic exhibitions remained stones for interior decoration. At the last exposition, rugs made of stones that exhibited an orthopedic effect were put on the visitors ’court.

Stone path – an invariable decoration of Russian gardens

Variations in the framework of these and other trends we will see at the upcoming exhibition – gardening trends, according to the designers, are not changing quickly. But there is no doubt that the next exposition will again meet visitors with amazing news.

You can hear the opinion that these exotic flowers definitely need a high level of humidity and strict adherence to the temperature regime. But if watering and lighting are organized correctly, these recommendations can be omitted.

In caring for orchids, there are also such nuances as selecting a substrate or the right pot. It is better for beginners to purchase a substrate, and not to cook on their own. A plant requires transplantation no earlier than two years after purchase – of course, if it is healthy.

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