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Flowers on the festive table

Flowers are the best decoration created by nature. Using compositions of roses, lilies, tulips and other flowers is appropriate for any occasion. The original floral design of the table will create an atmosphere of celebration and give completeness to the serving.

For decor, you can use lush bouquets, and spectacular compositions. Suitable for creating festive and freestanding flowers. And you can take not only whole buds, but also fallen petals, leaves with branches, dried flowers, herbs.

A bouquet of flowers on the festive table can become the center of the composition when serving items are placed around it.
Decorating the festive table with flowers will require special skill from the florist, taking into account the general style of the event. But we must not forget about the sense of proportion, so as not to overload the banquet table.

Remember that the flowers on the holiday table must be fresh! To keep their beauty, the brightness of the colors throughout the reception, it is better to make bouquets of half-opened buds. Cut the stems when preparing the composition you need directly in the water. And in the heat in the liquid, you can add pieces of ice.

If the event is not planned to be long, you can use blooming flowers
General rules for choosing colors
The flowers of the festive table can be very different. Hothouse plants, garden “residents” and even wildflowers, branches of berry bushes, juniper, pine and spruce branches look original for the New Year. The color of the compositions and bouquets is determined by the nature of the reception.

To design a festive table, miniature bouquets are suitable, which are made up of flowers of the same gamut as the main composition
For family dinners, light and gentle tones are appropriate, for official events, it is worthwhile to choose deep and dark shades, for example, lilac or red. Baby blue is recommended for celebrations held in daylight.

There are several other recommendations for choosing colors:

Flowers for a wedding table or other celebration must be correctly combined with the color of the tablecloth, tableware.
You should not use large plants, as well as flowering ones – leaves and petals from them can fall into dishes, and they look dull.
It is better to refuse flowers with a strong aroma.
In order to decorate the holiday table with flowers and not disturb harmony, it is best to put plants of the same species in one vase. If different flowers are used, they need to be selected in the general scale. According to the rules for combining shades, yellow, red, and orange colors are among the warm colors. The cold palette includes blue, cyan, purple, green. And white is considered neutral.

Bouquets made of roses of tender pastel colors will perfectly complement a wedding or any other celebration
Bouquets, compositions and table shape
Any florist knows that it is not necessary to overload the room with bouquets. Otherwise, you can turn a room or a hall in a restaurant into a kind of winter garden or flowerbed. When choosing compositions from luxurious roses or modest daisies, it is necessary to correctly place these decorative elements. First of all, pay attention to the shape and size of the table.

On a long rectangular table, laconic European-style bouquets will most likely look. It is best to place them symmetrically in relation to each other.
A small round worktop should be decorated with one large bouquet. It must be placed in a large beautiful vase.
On the oval table, it is desirable to place small floral arrangements closer to the edges.
When installing tables in the form of the letter “T”, it is advisable to place bouquets or individual flowers in the center line or only along the edges.
Of great importance in the search for a beautiful decorative solution are the appearance, size, and color of the vase. Decoration of events with flowers allows the arrangement of plants in almost any dishes, whether it is flat dishes, candy cans, fruit plates and more. Flower decoration may involve a complete rejection of vases. Then small bouquets are placed next to each device.

The arrangement of flowers on the festive table will be in harmony with other gifts of nature – berries and fresh fruits
Using the services of professional florists, you can create a festive mood at the event. A variety of bouquets and compositions of royal roses, exotics and other natural wonders will decorate any table and will make guests smile.

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