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In order for roses to stand longer in a vase, special attention should be paid to water. Do not put the bouquet in running water – unfortunately, its quality does not inspire confidence.

It is recommended to use a special distilled. Normal standing water is also suitable (it is recommended to stand for 30 minutes).
Roses are capricious and it is necessary to thoroughly wash the vase from past bouquets – a dirty vase will significantly shorten the life of fragile beauties.
Do not forget about the temperature regime. Experienced florists revealed the secret – when frost is raging on the street, the water should be at room temperature. And in the summer, when it is especially hot, on the contrary add a couple of ice cubes to the vase to make the water cool.
We feed a beautiful bouquet of roses. Sugar has a positive effect on plant safety – add 30 grams per liter of water, and roses will be fragrant for the whole house for a long period of time.
Disinfection. Since water is not of the best quality, bacteria multiply in it. To prevent this process, florists advise adding a teaspoon of ordinary table vinegar to one liter of water. If for you this method of how to keep roses in a vase with water is not suitable, you can find another. An alternative to vinegar with a pungent and unpleasant odor will be aspirin – it can be found in every medicine cabinet and the drug will perfectly cope with water disinfection. Count the pill per liter of liquid. But silvering of water can be considered the most unusual way of disinfection – any jewelry made of silver is placed on the bottom of the vase. The beneficial properties of noble metal are undeniable.
Radical methods. Living roses in a vase will last longer if you use special means – chemical dressings, which can be purchased at a flower shop. They are added dropwise to water, which leads to a full “nutrition” of flowers.
We use top dressing for flowers

It is not enough to dip the bouquet into the prepared water. To preserve the flowers of roses, you should first prepare them.

Before starting the preparation, make sure that the roses are fresh. Otherwise, you do not need to understand how to save roses in a vase and all subsequent steps will not make sense. This is easy to check – the green leaves under the bud should fit snugly against it. If you notice that the leaves have already begun to fade, you can not even try – stale roses will not work.
Adaptation. In the winter, flowers should be gradually brought into the room. For example, having entered the house in the cold, leave the composition in a cool corridor for 10-15 minutes and only then bring it into a warm room.
Roses are beautiful flowers in themselves, so a wrapper is not needed for them. If the bouquet was packed, it must be removed.
Before putting flowers in a prepared vase, dip them in a full bucket or bath with cool water – this will “cheer up” and refresh the flowers. After this procedure, carefully shake off moisture from the buds to avoid further rotting.
Once the flowers are saturated with moisture, you can process them. Without removing from the container, remove the lower tier of green leaves and carefully make oblique slices. The tip of the stem needs to be crushed so that the cut roses in the vase receive enough fluid.
Spraying roses with roses to keep fresh longer

How to extend the life of roses in a vase? Find the right place for them! The best place for such a flower will be a place without direct sunlight, slightly cool and well ventilated. Florists argue that if you put roses not in a glass, but in a ceramic vase, they will last longer. This is due to the fact that ceramics can better protect from the sun. Please note that roses do not tolerate drafts, so keeping them on the floor is not a good idea. Position the flower vase as far from the batteries or the stove as possible, since too high temperatures will accelerate the process of roses withering.

Proper daily care will be a decision on how to extend the life of roses in a vase.

Every day (or at least once every two days) we change the water. Do not forget that water should be prepared according to the rules.
The outer part of the flowers is sprayed with cool water. But it is important to ensure that no liquid seeps into the bud.
If necessary, we make fresh sections of the stem.
Rose flowers will last longer in a vase if you add one drop of ammonia to the water every three days (it is recommended to do it no earlier than 3-5 days after cutting the flowers).
Simple and affordable tips will save a bouquet as long as possible!

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