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Fragrant first aid kit: flowers that treat

Not everyone knows that the most ordinary representatives of the flora that are familiar to our eyes can serve as a medicine. Let us turn to the opinions of those who are familiar with their healing effects. To do this, we look at the forums where lovers of flowers and traditional medicine communicate.

Flowers can restore strength and health

Caution: marigolds!
The attention of lovers of country trips is attracted by beautiful marigolds, and summer residents are aware of their therapeutic effect. Calendula – such a name for these flowers is more familiar to us – neutralizes viruses, so the infusion of this wildflower for gargling is invaluable during epidemics. Where its properties are not used: calendula normalizes cardiac activity, is effective for stress and neurosis, is used in the treatment of female diseases and even in oncology.

The healing qualities of marigolds can not be counted

From the reviews on the forums it follows that rinsing the oral cavity with a solution of calendula perfectly helps with bleeding gums. Web users noted the practical benefit of the flower for peptic ulcers. The disadvantage of the infusion, which is used in this case, was called a noticeable decrease in blood pressure after its use.

The external effect of calendula tincture, according to users, has both a healing and anti-inflammatory effect: on forums you can repeatedly find comments telling about wound healing and neutralization of allergic reactions. After the delivery, women experienced a special delight in the healing effect of marigolds – some of them quickly healed the sutures after surgery, while others lost their allergic reactions against the background of a hormonal surge. However, we will not recommend pregnant women using marigold drugs, especially internally: among the inhabitants of the forums there was no unanimous opinion about the harm of this plant to the fetus.

Pregnant women should approach herbal medicine with caution

Marigold: from sinusitis and bee stings
The list of medicinal properties of marigolds, or in the Ukrainian way of the Chernobrivites, is in no way inferior to a similar list of calendula. In addition to sore throat, sinusitis and high blood pressure, from which the authors of the comments were successfully treated, the flower also helps in such unexpected situations as a bee or wasp sting.

Marigolds – A Popular Healing Flower

To do this, it is necessary to treat the site of the bite with the juice of the plant. The “battle wound” is not neutralized immediately, but will heal much faster than without the above measures.

Some flowers help with insect bites.

Some flora lovers claim that from one smell of marigold they have a headache. For this, according to them, it is enough to just slightly mash the flower in the hands.

Many representatives of the flora are effective in viral diseases.

Such a different lilac
Not many people know that the mass of useful properties in themselves melt and the flowers of ordinary lilacs. Most often, these properties are revealed in tinctures made from the petals of the flowering part of the plant.

In the Middle Ages already AD, flowers served not only aesthetics, but also communication. The language of flowers was very popular, with the help of which young men and girls explained their feelings. For example, carnations and nails allowed the young man to express his passion, and white roses or daisies in the hands of a young lady spoke of the modesty and chastity of the owner of the bouquet. Floral signs were especially popular in the Victorian era of England, when any emotions were under the strictest control of etiquette.

Lilac – a flower from severe conditions

Truly a magical tool, lilac flowers turned out to be for those who suffered such severe unpleasant conditions as the effects of a spinal injury and a heel spur. To neutralize the symptoms, these patients used tincture of lilac flowers, which rubbed the affected organ.

The use of flower decorations has long been known

Nevertheless, for some, the smell of lilacs causes allergies. In addition, users emphasize that not every lilac is suitable for making tinctures, and some even argue whether the flowers of the white plant variety are effective.

It must be remembered that even in such a seemingly harmless treatment as herbal medicine, a serious approach is needed. Do not neglect the positive psychological impact of the contemplation of the beautiful creations of nature.

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