Autumn bouquets
Autumn is a golden time, allowing you to enjoy a riot of colors, a wealth of aromas, an abundance of gifts of nature. This season is associated with harvesting, farewell…

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Any flower should not be in the bouquet just like that – each of them means something. In the Middle Ages, the symbolism of flowers was used very widely, since expressing one’s feelings directly was not considered very decent. In modern society, this does not matter too much, but many people are interested in the language of flowers and will be able to understand what the donor wanted to say with his bouquet.

The symbolism of the color of flowers is not the same for different plants. Therefore, you first need to focus on the type of flower, and only then on its color. Of course, there are universal colors such as red, which in almost all cultures means love in the language of flowers. But as for the other colors, everything will be different here.

The meaning of tulips in the language of flowers For example, take the well-known spring tulips. If you give a red tulip, then this is a declaration of love, and a yellow flower will mean hopeless love.

What does the language of flowers mean for a modest carnation? According to his canons, carnation is an expression of female love – the girls gave this flower to their loved ones before separation. The remaining colors of carnations will be a variation on a love theme. Pink carnation is first love, red flower is all-consuming passion and admiration, yellow carnation is rejection, purple is inconstancy. Only white cloves are a wish for success. Such is the language of flowers – its symbolism is often confusing and ambiguous.

Naturally, you can not do without roses, which have become something like a classic flower arrangements

What does the language of flowers tell us about the meaning of roses? It is multifaceted, but, in general, it is a symbol of love in all its manifestations. As for flowers, the red rose represents true love, the blue represents mystery, the pink represents courtesy. White personifies a lot of things – purity, perfection, isolation and eternal love. A black rose is death and goodbye forever. Yellow symbolizes joy and friendship. Expressing feelings in the language of flowers using roses is the easiest way. A dark pink rose is gratitude, and a pale purple flower is love at first sight.

The meaning of iris in the language of flowers is respect, support and a sign of the value of friendship. With these flowers, it is easiest to show a good attitude and trust in who the bouquet is for.

For many flowers that are not very common in our country, it is necessary to use a foreign language of flowers, the meaning of gerbera in which is flirtation, joy and a hint of a secret connection between the giver of the bouquet and the one to whom it is intended. The symbolism of flowers in a bouquet of red and white gerberas is openness to the world, joy and love of life.

Red chrysanthemum means love, white – truth, and yellow – rejected feelings. In general, the meaning of chrysanthemum in the language of flowers is prosperity and happiness. This flower is universal – it is presented to everyone without fear of associations with long-established ideas about flowers. Even golden yellow chrysanthemums will be appropriate in the bouquet, as they resemble the sun. The meaning of gerbera in the language of flowers is completely different, but these two flowers are perfectly combined in one bouquet.

The meaning of a lily flower in the language of flowers The meaning of a lily flower in the language of flowers may differ for different cultures, but in general, common values ​​can be distinguished without taking into account the extreme versions. White lily is purity, red is high feelings. A yellow lily flower means fun, extravagance, or a lie, and orange means coquetry.

The flower called Alstroemeria is unusually beautiful, its meaning in the language of flowers is a compliment to a woman, talking about how sweet and beautiful she is.

Extravagant women will love an exotic flower called eustoma, and the meaning of this plant in the language of flowers is purity, innocence and love. True, this is true for South America, but for our language of colors, this value is quite suitable.

In the language of flowers, not only the choice of a particular flower is important, but also its color.

White – usually associated with cleanliness and innocence. Therefore, bridal bouquets are traditionally left out of white flowers, occasionally adding pale pink and lilac buds there. Another meaning is luxury. The embodiment of all this is a lily.
Red is the color of love and passion. At the same time, a rose is traditionally considered a symbol of love, and passion is a carnation.
Yellow – for most Europeans it is a symbol of separation and hatred. The exception is golden yellow – a symbol of the sun and joy.
Pink is a universal color. For red, he is not passionate enough, and he cannot become white and immaculate, so a bouquet of pink flowers is suitable for any event.
Orange is power, pride, happiness and celebration. A bouquet of this color looks cheerful, bright and positive.
Blue is the color of the blue sky and the gods living there. Such bouquets are presented to express their high spiritual feelings. This is not the best color for the holidays.
Blue is a mystical color. It stands for fidelity and longing. Naturally, you can’t give such a bouquet to your boss or business partner.

How to choose a spring bouquet in the store and how to make it yourself? In order to answer these questions you need to have an idea about the flowers…


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