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Toys from fresh flowers. How to care for them?

A toy made of flowers is an original and unforgettable present for any occasion. The popularity of touching figures is growing. They can cause a wide range of positive emotions and cheer up for a long time. In floristic salons you can meet incredibly beautiful toys and present on a special or ordinary day.

Of course, I want to be happy for a long time, admiring the funny face of a flower teddy bear, or smile at a cute dog. This can be achieved, despite the fact that the figure is made of fresh flowers that require care. If you approach the issue correctly, the toy will cheer you up for 3-4 weeks, without changing the appearance.

Different types of flowers are suitable for creating cute toys.

Temperature and Drafts
Create ideal temperature conditions for a flower toy. Acceptable temperature of 17-20 degrees Celsius. Even the thermophilic flowers in this composition require coolness and are afraid of overheating, dry air, depriving them of life-giving moisture.

You should find a place in the house that is protected from the negative effects of hot air. Do not place the toy near a fireplace, battery, or heater. It will quickly lose moisture and dry.

A flower bear or bunny is afraid of drafts, contributing to the rapid loss of moisture, as when overheating. Flowers are sure to fade in direct sunlight, if you do not take care of them.

A floral sponge that retains moisture well is used as the basis for toys. In the photo – a composition of fresh flowers “Your smile”
A floral sponge that retains moisture well is used as the basis for toys. In the photo – a composition of fresh flowers “Your smile”
Place the figurine on a flat, hard surface, away from pets and young children who may be interested in it.

A small flower kitten is completely saturated with moisture if put in a saucer with water

Watering Methods
The main way to keep a flower toy attractive for a long time is to ensure the correct watering mode by choosing one of three methods:

Carefully remove one flower from the surface of the toy and pour water into the hole formed with a thin stream from a watering can or mug. Continue the procedure until water appears on the tray or plate where the flower figurine stands. So the toy is completely saturated. Each part (ears, head, paws) needs to be watered separately. You can add to the water a tool that prolongs the life of plants, following the instructions.
For the second method of watering, use an ordinary medical syringe of any size. Gather water in it and make an injection to a flower figurine. For every 2-3 cm of the body, one injection is needed until water starts to ooze out of the toy. Pay attention to each part: nose, ears, paws, tail.
If there is no time for watering, you can put a flower animal in a bowl of water. After some time, the moisture will begin to gradually absorb and rise up. This method is more suitable for small toys. They are completely saturated with water. Medium specimens are half filled with water. You will still have to water from above.
A flower toy lasts up to about four weeks, sometimes longer
A flower toy lasts up to about four weeks, sometimes longer
A living figurine will not cause you much trouble and difficulty if you are used to caring for indoor plants. After a day, feed the toy with water in one of three ways. Remember to remove excess water from the tray or plate. Subject to the temperature regime and following the rules of watering, it will decorate the room for a long time, and will remind who presented an unusual present.

Flowers have always been considered a symbol of femininity and feminine beauty. But is it only connected with this tradition of giving bouquets to the fair sex? There are no reliable facts on this score, but we can assume that it comes from Ancient Rome, where ritual festivities were held in honor of the goddess Flora. Women’s sports competitions were held, the winners of which were awarded floral wreaths.

Some ancient peoples, such as Persians, Jews, and Maideans, had rituals using odorous flowers to help the dead in the afterlife. It is believed that it was these rituals that served as the forerunner of the Christian tradition of bringing flowers to the graves.

Caring for the figures is almost the same as for a bouquet of fresh flowers.

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