Perfume Floral Aromas
Flowers - amazing beauty of nature. Thanks to their magical aroma, perfumers actively add their essential oils to create perfumes. Already in ancient times, people, making perfumes, used spices, needles,…

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The birthplace of this plant is South America, Asia, Africa and the islands of the Malay archipelago. Currently, more than 2000 garden forms obtained through selection are known. Begonias were…

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What bouquets are best given in winter
Winter with its cold weather, snow-covered trees and lawns is no reason to refuse bouquets with fresh flowers. On the contrary, they should be given to oneself and others more…

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An original wedding arrangement, created by individual order by experienced florists, will draw the attention of the guests of the event. For the bride, the bouquet is one of the most important attributes, the choice or creation should be taken seriously. But if you decide to be creative, try to assemble the composition yourself – adhering to simple rules can easily achieve an excellent result.

Wedding bouquet of roses

You can make a bride’s bouquet with your own hands from any flowers.

Since ancient times, the values ​​of common plants have come to us. Refer to the language of flowers – such a wedding bouquet for the bride will be the completion of the image and will bring special meaning to the ceremony. For example, a rose symbolizes strong love and passion, it is recommended to give it exclusively to the closest people. The composition with lilies presented to the bride on the wedding day will tell about the groom’s pure intentions and his seriousness, but the bouquet of gerberas on the contrary will bring lightness and ease.

DIY bridal bouquet

To form a composition on the occasion of an exciting day, use:

Build on the preferences and themes of the wedding.

The image of the bride is the embodiment of femininity and tenderness. Gathering a lively bouquet of the bride, it is logical to choose pastel colors – pink, blue, peach or pearl.

Wedding bouquets for the bride

Increasingly, they organize weddings, adhering to one color scheme – from the shade of the groom’s tie to the color of tablecloths on the tables. The bride’s wedding bouquet should not stand out. For example, if the celebration is planned in purple tones, the purple bride’s bouquet of tulips or alstromeries will become the accent of the image.

If there is no reference to color, choose the gamma correctly. According to the rules, it is customary to combine shades that are close to each other in the palette – soft blue and blue, orange and red, pink and lilac. You can go the opposite, using a contrasting technique – combine colors that are perpendicular to the palette: yellow and blue, purple and orange.

The difficulty is the right choice of plants – flower shops often try to offer old goods. In order to prevent such a nuisance, you need to thoroughly approach the selection of colors.

First of all, pay attention to the flower itself – its petals must be elastic and bright. If you notice even a few wilted petals, do not buy it. If you decide to collect a bride’s bouquet of roses or tulips, then the buds should be tight.

Do not forget about the stem – it can also tell a lot about freshness. If you notice that the tip of the stem and the lower leaves are already swollen from the water, then such a flower has spent several days in a flowerpot. Note that many florists go to the trick and add chemicals to the water. This allows the flower to falsely look fresh. Sniff the tip of the stem – if you smell a sharp smell of chemistry, keep in mind that when the flower leaves the supporting environment, it will wither.

Do not forget about the relevance. Do not refine yourself and look for fragile tulips when a blizzard rages outside the window. For example, roses will fit perfectly in the bride’s winter bouquet – they are relevant at any time of the year. In the spring – peonies, tulips and daisies. In summer, a variety of flowers will satisfy the most demanding girl – you can choose from a composition of roses, orchids, freesia, alstroemeria, and lilies. A classic autumn bouquet of the bride is considered to be chrysanthemums.

Now for the fun part. With a plant variety, decide how to choose the right color and fresh flowers also learned. But how to make a bride’s bouquet with your own hands? Consider options for how to assemble a composition.

Portbuketnitsa – a common technique used in floristry. It is a special ball made of tight foam on a plastic base, most often decorated with silk ribbon. The ball is moistened with water (adding vitamins for cut plants) and fixed to the base with a wire. The stems of the selected flowers are cut to 6 cm in length, cleaned of leaves, needles and peels. The buds are inserted into the ball, pushing them. It is desirable that the flowers fit snugly against each other and do not create a feeling of emptiness.
Wedding bouquet for the bride on the stems. The simplest version of the bouquet is that the flowers are tightly assembled into a bouquet, tied with a satin ribbon and decorated at the request of the bride (beads, accessories, packaging).
The use of wire. If you want to get a photo from the wedding, the bride’s bouquet should last until the evening. Often the flowers fall apart, lower the buds. To prevent this from happening, each flower is pierced through with wire and only then they begin to form a bouquet. Such a little trick will create the effect of a fresh bouquet until the end of the event.
As you can see, everyone can create a unique composition for an important day!

Perfume Floral Aromas
Flowers - amazing beauty of nature. Thanks to their magical aroma, perfumers actively add their essential oils to create perfumes. Already in ancient times, people, making perfumes, used spices, needles,…


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