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Interesting facts about flowers
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In addition to traditional bouquets, we have for sale floral arrangements placed in wicker baskets. They look unusual and original. However, in order for such a basket to please the eye for a long time, it must be properly looked after.

When creating compositions in baskets, a special floristic sponge soaked in a special solution is used. It prevents the rapid withering of ornamental plants. Cut flowers are immersed in a sponge at a certain depth. Through the cut of the stem, the moisture is saturated with ornamental plants.

A vase is not needed for such a bouquet, however, all liquids evaporate over time, and the sponge becomes dry. Therefore, it is not necessary to leave the presented composition without proper care. It is also worth understanding that the volume of a vase and floristic sponge or bioflora are significantly different. The size of the latter depends on the dimensions of the basket in which it is placed. Water from an oasis evaporates faster than from a vase.

Flower baskets need watering. If the room has normal humidity and low temperature, then it is enough to do this once a day. If the room is hot, it is better to water the flowers in the morning and in the evening. Use should be settled or filtered water at room temperature.

If there are a lot of unopened buds in the bouquet, and you want to quickly see how they bloom, you should use warm water for irrigation. Cold, on the contrary, will slow down this process. Moisture needs bioflora. It is undesirable for water to fall on the buds. Leaves and decorative greens should be wiped daily with a damp cloth.

In the warm season, it is advisable that at night the basket with flowers is on the balcony or loggia (if it is cool, not cold). It also needs a calm atmosphere in the room. Flowers, and especially roses, do not like noise and any loud sounds. Do not put the composition next to any fruit or heating appliances.

Flowers in a basket If a flower begins to fade, you can try to bring it back to life by carefully removing it from a sponge, making an oblique incision at the bottom of the legs, and putting it in place. Getting a flower from bioflora in order to just admire is not worth it. It is very likely that after returning to the place, he will cease to absorb moisture from the sponge and will quickly fade. You can not rearrange the bouquet in a vase with water.

Delicate flowering plants do not like drafts and direct sunlight. However, they should not be placed in a dark corner either. Diffused sunlight should fall on the bouquet. As you wilt, you need to remove decorative plants from the composition. Do not wait until they are completely dry. If you do not clean the bouquet like this, then all its elements will fade within a few days after the appearance of the first dried flowers. The same goes for branches with several flowers. If you do not remove the dried heads, then all the rest, even unopened buds, will quickly fade.

For each flower there are optimal storage conditions. So, for example, tulips prefer cold water, and irises are warm, freesia need more moisture than many other flowers, etc. When caring for a composition, you need to study the representatives of which varieties of ornamental plants it consists of and determine the optimal ones for all components of the condition.

Florists of the Bouquet of Summer online store take into account the compatibility of colors when creating compositions in wicker baskets. The catalog has a large selection of monochrome and multi-colored bouquets. Also, florists work with individual orders.

In many songs, chamomiles and cornflowers are sung, and this perfectly reflects the meaning of such an amazing gift as a composition of wildflowers. Such a bouquet has indescribable charm, the finest grace and amazing tenderness. Alas, such plants do not stand cut for a long time, so the bouquet always personifies freshness, since the composition of wildflowers themselves can only be “off the field”. It is because of their symbolic freshness that it is customary to present such bouquets to young girls and women. Such plants look very organic in the bride’s bouquet, because from time immemorial Slavic girls adorned themselves with field plants, collecting them in amazingly beautiful wreaths, where each flower meant something different.

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