Today, no solemn event is complete without flowers. Ready-made bouquets from florist shops are presented for any reason, but when you want to make a special congratulation, you can create…

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Secrets of a florist, or where do the bouquets come from?

Flowers … These beautiful representatives of the flora have been praised by man for centuries, used to express their feelings, decorate homes and their own inspiration. Today, experienced florists collect from them such bouquets that they simply take your breath away from magnificence and beauty. What tricks are used in the work and how to create the perfect bouquet, we will tell in this article.

Floristics requires knowledge of the latest trends, new technologies for working with natural materials
The principles of creating a floral composition
Floristry, like any science, has its own laws and rules that should be followed. Only on condition that you know the basics, you can make an attractive floral arrangement, so you want to get it right away and give it to a loved one. Here are some of these rules:

Each work should have a design, and the design should be based on three parameters: width, depth and height.
It is very important to observe the proportions when drawing up the composition, bouquet.
Be sure to highlight the central element, which will focus on itself all the attention.
The movement of the composition or rhythm allows the use of colors of different colors, sizes and shapes.
It is important that the bouquet looks balanced and stable. The balance between the top and bottom should be respected.
Harmony in everything is an integral part of good work.
Color can tell a lot: how to emphasize the taste of the florist and, ultimately, the giver of the bouquet, and to report its absence.

When drawing up a bouquet or flower basket, you need to be guided by a sense of proportion

The more original and non-trivial the composition, the more work the creator put into it. A variety of devices and improvised elements are used today to realize many fantasies and ideas: a sponge and test tubes for flowers that allow heads without stems to retain their freshness for a long time, a wire that gives the structure rigidity and the shape conceived by the creator, and much more. For example, without a tape tape, it is impossible to create a wedding bouquet.

Rules for creating a “literate” bouquet
Any flower master knows that not all flowers are combined with each other. So, the orchid will not tolerate the neighborhood of daisies. Florists distinguish the most successful combinations:

Lilies along with phlox and Siberian irises.
Chrysanthemums in the “society” of hydrangeas, gerberas and ferns.
Gladiolus next to poppy, eucalyptus leaves and yarrow.

When making a bouquet, the florist needs to consider its purpose
Great importance is attached to the decor, as well as the saturation of the shades and their combination with each other. Decor today is used very different. Including one that, it would seem, cannot be found in a flower arrangement: berries, fruits and vegetables, sunflowers, beads, lace, tree branches, stones, candles, bells, etc. As for the combination of flowers, floristry uses three main methods:

Contrasting colors. That is, in the bouquet there are representatives of the plant world of orange, yellow, blue, green and other opposite colors. Such a composition turns out to be bright, vital and optimistic.
The same color scheme. In this case, those flowers are used, the shades of which are next door on the color wheel. And it does not have to be pure colors – you can vary the shades of different saturation. This composition shines with calm and restraint and at the same time looks charming.
Monochrome color scheme. That is, the bouquet contains flowers of the same color, but in different shades. For this purpose, roses, tulips and some other types of plants are best suited.

Floristics is not possible without experimentation
Floristics is a whole art, where everything is limited only by the imagination of the artist. Packaging is no less important, because it can both emphasize the beauty of the bouquet and spoil the whole impression. The modern fashionable trend is the newspaper, sisal, non-woven, etc. The bride’s bouquet will not do without lace and organza. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and look for your best bouquet.

The help of a florist is indispensable in preparing for the wedding
The help of a florist is indispensable in preparing for the wedding
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