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There is a well-established opinion that only women are congratulated with flowers. But, in fact, men are happy to accept their gift from relatives, friends and respectful people. It is important only to choose the right bouquet for a man to suit the occasion, so that the gesture is perceived as expected.

Experienced florists probably know what flowers they give to men. For many, it will be a revelation, but today there is an extensive selection of “male” colors that are customary to hand on various occasions. Among those:

Bouquet Style

Bouquet of 31 alstromerias

Bouquet bright flame

Bouquet Great Mood

Men need to give flowers and bouquets in a seasoned and concise style, but always with taste. Only in this case the bouquet will have to be in place and complement the solemnity of the event.

When wondering which flowers to give to a man, special attention is paid to their shades. The first rule is to avoid gentle pastel tones, which relate exclusively to women’s options. Preference is given to saturated and neutral colors, as well as to a dark gamut of shades:

To red;
The second rule – choose flowers of the same color and variety. If you are looking for what kind of flowers it is worth giving a man for an anniversary, note that it is not customary for a person aged to give bright bouquets. On the contrary, a young guy is presented with bright and creative compositions. It is a big mistake to believe that a man’s bouquet is something dark and dim. On the contrary, they are stylish and elegant if a professional florist puts their hand on them.

If you decide what flowers to give to a loved one for an anniversary, seek help from a professional, because it’s right to make a man’s bouquet only by an experienced master. The composition of the bouquet is determined by age, lifestyle, character and temperament of the birthday. Shades of light, cold tones (blue, blue, purple flowers) are recommended to a calm young man, and a bouquet of saturated and dark colors (red, burgundy, orange) is suitable for colorful and strong personalities.

The main criteria in choosing which flowers to give a man for his birthday or other special occasion are restraint and elegance of the composition. Particular attention is paid to packaging, which should concisely complete the image created by the florist. You can choose an exquisite gamut of colors in addition to the gift. For example, in a basket with expensive chocolate and cognac add a bouquet of dark red roses as an accompaniment.

Bouquet of Bordeaux

Avoid excessive use of various accessories: ribbons, nets, bows – this is not appropriate in the “men’s” bouquet. It can be lush or elongated, but always clear and strict. It is allowed to give a not-so-catchy Ekibana, consisting of no more than three colors.

A birthday bouquet for a man is different for each individual case:

For close men – father and husband it is appropriate to present roses, chrysanthemums and lilies;
Dear boss or teacher as a gift fit red gerberas and irises;
It is appropriate to give carnations and tulips to a friend and brother.
And of course, a win-win option will be the presentation of the composition, which immediately combines 2-4 types of flowers. This is a universal solution if the recipient’s tastes are unknown for sure.

What flowers should be given to men on their birthdays is determined by the position, status and age of the birthday. To make the bouquet come in handy, contact our florists for a free consultation. We will advise and select a composition based on your wishes and the format of the upcoming celebration.

Giving beautiful flowers happy birthday is a tradition rooted in the life of mankind since ancient times. This is a way to express feelings and to please a loved one on a solemn day. But alas, there is no universal solution to the issue of choosing a floral presentation. You need to choose individually, depending on the relationship with the birthday person, his gender, position and preferences.

When buying a bouquet of flowers with a happy birthday, a relative, colleague or leader should give preference to restrained tones. Not knowing the tastes of the birthday man, it is difficult to make the right choice. In such cases, it is better to purchase universal compositions.

If you choose a bouquet of happy birthday to a woman, then the first thing to be guided by is her tastes. Pay attention to which plants she prefers and what shade. The best option is to ask in advance, look at your favorite colors in the clothes and decor of the apartment.

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